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Mexico: A Cultural Country

Traveling in Mexico I learned a lot about the culture, Mexican specialties and about myself. There are so many unique places to discover in Mexico. Come along on my travels!

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Aussicht auf Taxco

Taxco: The magical silver village

Taxco is a small village in the state of Guerrero. It is located about 3 hours south of Mexico City and is known for its silver merchants. There were some[…]

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Weihnachten in Mexiko Zocalo

Christmas in Mexico: Celebrations upon celebrations!

Spending Christmas in Mexico is a very special experience. This family celebration is celebrated in Mexico quite differently than here in Germany. Therefore, in this article some of the most[…]

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mexikanische spezialita╠łten keyvisual

20 Mexican specialities: Fuits, vegetables, dishes & more

Mexico is a country full of different tastes. There are countless Mexican specialties, but some of the better known fruits and dishes also have their place in the Mexican world[…]

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