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Aussicht auf Taxco

Taxco: The magical silver village

Taxco is a small village in the state of Guerrero. It is located about 3 hours south of Mexico City and is known for its silver merchants. There were some silver mines close and until today a lot of silver is sold in every form: jewelery, coins, bars, decoration and much more. Taxco is also…
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Weihnachten in Mexiko Zocalo

Christmas in Mexico: Celebrations upon celebrations!

Spending Christmas in Mexico is a very special experience. This family celebration is celebrated in Mexico quite differently than here in Germany. Therefore, in this article some of the most important characteristics of Christmas in Mexico would like to share with you. Starting with the pre-Christmas period, traditional food and other small specialties. Pre-Christmas period…
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mexikanische spezialitäten keyvisual

20 Mexican specialities: Fuits, vegetables, dishes & more

Mexico is a country full of different tastes. There are countless Mexican specialties, but some of the better known fruits and dishes also have their place in the Mexican world of taste. In terms of taste, everything from sweet to sour to spicy is possible and allowed in the Mexican cuisine. Furthermore, some fruits and…
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mexiko stadt tipps cdmx

11 Mexico City Tips 🇲🇽 for a good time in CDMX

Ciudad de México (CDMX) is one of the world’s largest cities with around 9 million inhabitants in the centre and around 20 million in the metropolitan region. Here you can find my top Mexico City tips to make your stay in CDMX as pleasant as possible. Like every big city, this megacity has its own…
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remote arbeiten in mexiko keyvisual

Remote work in Mexico: Interim conclusion after 1 month

About 1 month has passed since I started my adventure of remote work in Mexico. Before it started I wrote down some basic thoughts about remote work, which served as a form of preparation. They also were applicable and helped me to mentally to prepare for what was coming. But now it’s time for an…
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cancun hotels und strand

Cancun Travel Tips: Experience the touristic Mexico

Cancun in Mexico is a tourist and holiday paradise as it can be seen in travel magazines – a wonderful introduction to the diversity of Mexico with a touch of North America and Europe. In this article you will find all the advantages of Cancun and its surroundings, as well as travel knowledge about this…
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