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Taxco: The magical silver village

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Aussicht auf Taxco

Taxco is a small village in the state of Guerrero. It is located about 3 hours south of Mexico City and is known for its silver merchants. There were some silver mines close and until today a lot of silver is sold in every form: jewelery, coins, bars, decoration and much more.

Taxco is also classified as Pueblo Magico (magic village) by the Mexican government. Pueblos magicos are considered particularly worth visiting. Here you can find everything worth knowing and seeing about Taxco!

The center of Taxco

In the centre there are countless jewelers selling silver. You can buy silver jewellery on practically every corner. But beware: there are also many fake silver pieces, so you should rather buy in big and trustworthy shops.

There is also a beautiful historical church. This church is extremely impressive both from the outside and the inside. It glows with its many small decorations and figures, which surely cost many hours of manual labour.

church taxco place

In the centre of Taxco there are also many restaurants and bars. I can recommend the restaurant Del Angel Inn. You can eat very well there and it has a roof terrace with a great view of the surroundings and the church, which is right next to the restaurant.

Another good spot for a cold beer, a tequila cocktail or mezcal is the bar La Choperia. You also have a great view on the small square from there. Plus you can see the hustle and bustle in the center of Taxco. Furthermore, the mountainous surroundings can be admired very well from that terrace.

taxco church

Taxco Sightseeings

One of the top spots in Taxco is the Christo. It resembles the big statue of Christ in Brazil and is located very high up on a mountain. I recommend you to go there by taxi. Because the way there leads through the smallest alleys of the village and without knowledge of the place you can easily get lost or destroy your car.

One hour by taxi has cost about 180 Pesos (about 9€). 1 hour is enough to drive up to Christo, enjoy the view from the top, take pictures and drive back down again. The drive there is definitely worth it, because the statue is very beautiful and the view is unique.

christo taxco

Another attraction in Taxco is the small cable car. A trip there and back costs about 5 Euro (95 Pesos) and takes about 1-2 minutes. The view is worth it and the experience is unique. But the trip is not for people that are afraid of heights, as with it, one crosses a part of the village and a canyon. The cable car starts at the bottom of one of the numerous mountains and goes up to the Hotel Monte Taxco.

cableway taxco

Another recommendation is this very Ressorthotel Monte Taxco. The food there is very tasty, the view of the centre of Taxco is magnificent and the service is good. An overnight stay there costs about 70€. There is a large outdoor area with pool, tennis court and a sunny terrace. For the golfers among you there is also a golf course. But we have not visited this course.

How to get to Taxco

We took the car from Mexico City to Taxco. For that, I recommend the safe drive over the Cuota. This highway is guarded and therefore costs a kind of toll at several stations. You should pencil in about 300 Pesos (15€) and about 200 Pesos (10€) for gasoline. If you want to bring your own car, you should be aware that the roads are very narrow and sometimes extremely steep. Because Taxco is practically build into its mountainous surroundings.

road taxco

Taxco has enough public parking places in the centre, which also offer valet parking and are very affordable with 14-20 pesos per hour. However, some of them are not open all the time. You should consider this and ask when you have to pick up your car again. You can also pay by day, so you can leave your car there overnight without any problems. On the other hand there are also plenty of taxis to get around. The drivers know exactly how to drive in Taxco and know all the amazing shortcuts.

There are also buses from Mexico City to Taxco. These cost around 250 pesos. A good source for departures and costs is Depending on the traffic situation, the journey takes between 2.5 and 4 hours. But you can certainly also drive there from the holiday resort Acapulco. So you can combine a beach holiday with a visit to the magical village of Taxco.

My conclusion about Taxco

Taxco is a very quiet place and is therefore perfect for a day trip with an overnight stay or a long weekend for couples. It is also very safe and the atmosphere there is unique. The architecture of the place is fascinating. The views of the mountainous landscape and the village are already very impressive on arrival.

View of Taxco

The local people are also very nice and helpful. However, knowledge of Spanish is absolutely necessary, as I am sure that many people there do not speak English. All in all, the village atmosphere is very relaxed and decelerated. The prices for food and accommodation are moderate and much cheaper than in Cancun or Mexico City. I would definitely visit Taxco again!

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